Portrait of an amazing woman !

Brussels, June 2017

Monica Perauer, General coordinator holding Natacha Nicora, daughter of Maria Elvira Dezeo de Nicora, founder of the Fundacion Emmanuel 

As she highlighted in the interview that followed her Belgian presentation, she strongly believes that all children have the right to live and grow up within their own families. When educational problems are affecting this development, help should be reached out.


Her involvement in the Fundacion grew in time and today she is Operations Director. She has not known motherhood herself but, as she put it herself, all the children of the Fundacion are somehow her children.


Passionate about making a difference, she believes Argentina suffers from a lot of inequalities and especially between adults and children of the Colonia (Urquiza) with whom the Fundacion works.


The team at work offers these children and families opportunities they would not get from anyone else. “Without our intervention, these children would be condemned to continue the same life as their families.” She added. Monica explained that “in the Tia Kiki Centre, the children and families become conscious of other options and get the tools to build their life project.”


As Monica pointed out “UNICEF ​​says about poverty in Argentina that nearly half of the children and adolescents are to be considered poor and out of the 1.3 million children and adolescents, 10.8% grow up in extreme poverty, meaning that their families cannot guarantee them basic food ".


Monica underlined the important task ahead for the Fundacion Emmanuel, since family policies and support are almost non-existent in Argentina.


The influence of staff, volunteers and grass root actions of the Fundacion Emmanuel is growing and, although closer relations have been developed with the government and local authorities, this development will remain only possible with the help of private support. Belgium plays here an essential role as founding members of the Fundacion Emmanuel and in order to support these change-makers and get a better future for the next Argentinian generation, all support and donation will be essential.


In our next eNewsletter, you will read more information about the situation in Argentina, the Fundacion Emmanuel and its projects.