Noche Solidaria

Confined since March 20th, Argentinians are still today only allowed to get the essentials in the shops or, in certain areas, to work by keeping strict regulations of social distancing of 2 m and by wearing a mask.

With preventive social isolation for more than 180 days, it’s the whole social private and professional life that is on hold in Argentina. With closed schools and activities for children on complete standstill, how can children learn, play and be attended to when parents are at work?

Everywhere, social, cultural, recreational, sportive or religious events, both public and private, are prohibited, wether small or large. Only the distribution of food and packages is allowed as we already described in our previous eNews. "School at home" as organised by the Fundacion only reaches those who have access to a computer. The majority rests on solidarity and the delivery of home work by post. Salaries are life savours and there also the Fundacion is trying to keep up in order to maintain as many staff on their payroll.

To collect funds in order to develop its activities and maintain its staff at work, the Fundacion organises every year an annual dinner. But in 2020, for the first time, the main fundraising event of the Fundacion was just impossible to plan. Of course, that did not stop the creative team to think of something else and to launch its first event on line. The« Noche Solidaria », the solidarity evening, was born and with it 180 minutes of shared solidarity and heartwarming stories online. Artists, Board members, partners, team workers, children and families were given the word and talked with lots of emotion about the Fundacion, its mission to help communities to survive through hardships and isolated times. 

Chats from friends and followers showed lots of support and one common hope: To meet again soon ! The most moving ones came of course from the children themselves wishing to go back to the Fundacion and so to play again,  to continue learning or just because they missed so much the atmosphere, the people and the nice time together.

All throughout the evening, the rights of the children were highlighted. Of course families are responsible for their children but one question kept coming back: What can we, as individuals, do to secure to every child, really every one, basic rights such as getting every day food, health services, play time and the possibility for them to live well surrounded by parents and/or caretakers? 

The first Noche Solidaria was helpful to collect funds but more is needed to help that wave of solidarity and so to help reduce the distances of inequality in Argentina. So, whether you are booking a Christmas tree with us (or not), whether you have decided to offer some precious item for auction (or not) and you want to make a difference, especially in the unprecedented times of pandemic, your donation is always welcome. We will make sure it gets in full in Argentina. Please remember that for any donation above 40€ you get a tax reduction form.

For more information,  contact Natacha Nicora at 0475/43 97 42