A child who opens his/her arms is not for asking money but simply hoping for a hug and affection.

From where we are, we cannot take this child in our arms but we can help people in charge in Argentina take care of it in the interest of the child.

30 cents per day.. 

Equals 10 euros per month...This is the minimum we need to support these children in our centres in Argentina.

For you, this amount represents not much, a sip of coffee, a piece of chocolate at breakfast, a chewing gum in the car, or three coins we have in our pocket... but for them it's the perspective of a better future ! 

If you wish to donate, please make a bank transfer or a standing order to


Emmanuel Argentine ASBL


BE79 2400 0172 9533


+ 32 499 57 23 17

+ 32 474 59 37 54


Avenue du Roi 103

B-1190 Brussels