Colonia Urquiza Social Club


Beyond a music, cultural and a sport club, the community of Urquiza has a place to meet, socialise and grow closer

For several years, children and young people from Colonia Urquiza were dreaming of having a place where social, cultural and sport activities would be available to the entire community.


Seeing that the only clubs in the region offering that kind of services were private ones, financially the vast majority of the community just did not have the means to access them.

On top of being not accessible financially, these clubs were also not open to the cultural diversity that coexist within the community.

The dream of some became soon a shared vision of a larger part of the community and together with educators, families and young students, it was decided to set up a team and to define the project into a concrete work plan.

Throughout the year, the organizing team became actively involved in various workshops organized at the Emmanuel Foundation. With the support of educators and referrals, they became acquainted with the tools that allowed them to create, plan, implement and evaluate their project. Slowly but surely, they drew a step by stem plan which would bring them one step closer to their dream.

Setting up a field of softball was selected as the first step of the project, because the only one available in the surroundings was yet again not affordable nor accessible. Why a softball field?  Because softball is practised by a lot of young ones in the area and softball is an inclusive sport which promotes principles like :

  • team work ;

  • the development of solidarity and cooperation networks within a team and between all teams participating at matches, tournaments, etc. ;

  • gender equity because of its mixed teams ;

  • cultural integration ;

  • even non-violence.


To reach the first target, the team generated different events to obtain promote the project and find some their first local support. With a lot of effort and enthusiasm they started to work at the construction of the playfield. It is not yet completed, but the conditions to start the training and to launch the first mixed matches were met.


The next step was to integrate the youngest ones into the sport activities of the Colonia Urquiza Social Club. 

With the help of sport material donated by the Under-Secretary of sports from the Buenos Aires Province, the younger ones are now included in the Club’s activities.

Together with educators, organising team is now looking into promoting the active participation of the families to get involved in the Club.