Bice Conference in Paris, June 2017

Established in 1948, the International Catholic Child Bureau with its headquarters in Paris is an official NGO that focuses on child protection. Recognised by the Holy See, BICE works to serve all children, without discrimination or proselytisation, whatever their ethnicity, culture, nationality or religion.

BICE forms an international network of nearly 75 organisations spread all over the world committed to the defence of the dignity and rights of the child. The Fundacion Emmanuel is member of the BICE since 1997 and supports through its missions and actions, the Convention of the rights of the child, which BICE contributed actively in its elaboration and daily implementation.

Every two years, BICE organises an international congress highlighting one specific theme around the rights of the child. Last June 2017, BICE Congress gathered a think tank of speakers from all over the world who illustrated the scientific and pragmatic developments on Education. BICE partners had the opportunity to present their best practices and experiences on the field.

The Fundacion Emmanuel, represented by Monica Perauer, gave updates on the foundation activities in the field of education and more specifically on the regional camp on the rights of the child which took place at Chascumus (Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) involving children and adolescents from Paraguay, Peru and Argentina.

The recognition of child abuse is a sensitive subject in Argentina. For the last 3 years, the Fundacion Emmanuel and BICE have worked together on the programme « Hagamos un trato por el buen trato » (In English: Let’s make a contract for good treatment).