After the storm, the reconstruction

Last February, a very strong storm caused heavy damages in Colonia Urquiza. Luckily, nobody was injured, but neighbourhoods were deprived of light poles, telephone lines and roofs. Greenhouses and many plantations were destroyed and numerous families were deprived of access to drinking water.


As you can see on the pictures, the roofs of the houses where the housekeeper of the Foundation lives and where some activities of the Fundacion take place were blown away.

Just like many other families, our housekeeper lost everything, including the crops from the greenhouses, and remained homeless for a long while.

Repairing the premises has taken a hard toll on our finances and since the government has cut its budgets, help cannot be found in that direction. 

But as always, we haven’t given up and were very fortunate to be able to rely on lots of help from extraordinary volunteers and young people from the community.


We thank everyone for all the help. Your ongoing support will certainly contribute to the Foundation in getting over this unexpected calamity