It's not because a child has less that he or she deserves less"

Maria Elvira 


What children call "HOME" is more than just four walls and a roof above their head. When a child asks for home, he asks for a healthy place where he feels safe and where he can grow surrounded by people who will love him and take care of him. Home is not only a place, it's also a feeling. The feeling that you're understood, accepted and supported. Home is where your heart is and where FAMILY is all around.


But what happens when this family can't handle...?

What happens when parents are not, for medical, social or psychological reasons able to offer a child what he or she needs?

That's where The Fundacion Emmanuel fits in! 

We make sure children are offered an environment allowing them to grow harmoniously and where they can reinforce confidence in themselves without losing the contact with their parents and family.

We strongly believe that, when people are brought together towards a good purpose, every dream can come true… ours is to make family life a reality for all children, not just a privilege for some.


The Emmanuel Foundation is a non-profit organisation, independant of any religious denomination. Based in La PLata, the NGO supports and accompanies hundreds of families living in poverty. The aim of the Foundation is to acknoledge and reinforce children's right to live within a family structure. The idea and the model of the NGO  was born here in Belgium. Created in 1985, the Foundation received from its origins the constant support from its Belgian branch.  

To promote a change of attitude towards the child and his/her family in difficulty, generating a supportive and complementary net between families.

30 cents per day, 10 euros per month is the amount we need to offer the children that supportive environment. 

For us it is hardly nothing, for them it can make all the difference.

Through our events we want to do more than raise funds, we try to celebrate Argentinian origins, family moments or friends of the Emma Fundacion willing to bring us their support. 

Ho Ho Ho, ... 2020


Soon, ... the wonderful atmosphere of Christmas will be back and it will be time to book your very special Christmas tree,

with the Emma Fundacion of course !


Bringing laughter and happiness to many children in need in Argentina remains our very 1st objective, especially within the covid-19 pandemic.


In order to make the Christmas dazzle come back again, the team of volunteers are aiming, with your support, at selling an amazing amount of X-mas trees this winter. 

As usual, sizes vary from small Nordman trees (under 100 cm) to medium ones (100/150 or 150/200 cm) and larger ones (above 200 cm). Delivery can be chosen according to your agenda and facilities.  


All benefits will be sent to the Fundacion Emmanuel in Argentina so lots of children in need will also enjoy a wonderful X-mas in a joyful environment.

Order now, and help us making this winter another record breaking one !


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